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“Dr. Lain has been treating me off and on over the past ten years. He is very professional, down to earth and really wants to help get things straightened out. I recommend New England Chiropractic to my friends and family. I always leave the office feeling great.”

-Kevin H.

“Dr Kelly gets me straight every time!”

-Ginger J.

“Now that I’ve been coming to New England Chiropractic for a couple of months I know what a chiropractor does-he treats the problem rather than alleviate the symptoms. For example, my eye doctor attributed my headaches to a lot of reading rather than to the poor posture that I had while reading. My dentist told me to avoid cold liquids and crunchy foods for my sensitive teeth, but my chiropractor aligned my jaw so that I can eat raw vegetables and ice cream again. My husband kept rubbing the nagging ache in my neck, but my chiropractor taught me stretches and muscle-strengthening exercises to support the weakened joints.

When I start an exercise program, I don’t stick with it very long because I end up in pain. The chiropractic adjustments themselves are gentle and energizing, but the discomfort comes from the place where the muscle attaches to the bone. And, getting back into shape this time has actually been less painful and quicker because my chiropractic cracks those places that hurt.

Also, I’ve always just thought that I was klutzy because I knocked things over a lot and spontaneously dropped things. I had no idea that I was actually losing the pulse in my arms while slouching. Being diagnosed with a spinal misalignment has made me feel a lot better about myself because I have a treatable condition. I am so glad that I decided to get a scan of my spine because a misalignment of the spine is like the silent killer, high blood pressure-both conditions cause damage to the body and both go undetected unless a screening is done to test for it. Deciding to get chiropractic care has been one of those life-defining decisions for me. I appreciate the awesome job that Dr. Lain and Dr. Kelly do at New England Chiropractic. Thank you very much for being over-the-top in chiropractic care.”

-Spring 2006-Leslie G.

“I would like this opportunity to thank the entire staff at New England Chiropractic. In teaching my family on how to educate themselves on wellness, we are able to enjoy life without the worry of constant stiffness, pain or headaches. It’s a great feeling knowing that New England Chiropractic has our backs.”

-Steven Shugars

“For a long time I was unable to maintain the same activity that I had as a teenager. I thought it was acceptable because I was getting older and it was part of the aging process. Now, since going to New England Chiropractic, I am able to act and play as I did as a teenager. They are the greatest bunch of people and I owe them a lot.”

-Jeff Long

“I would like to take this time to thank you for your most recent services. You and your staff are extremely professional in what you do. During my most recent visit to your establishment, I was amazed at the care I received from you and your employees. Your attention to detail and your extreme knowledge with your profession allows me to fully understand my injuries.

As you know, one of my recent goals is to participate and to finish the “Beach to Beacon” race on August 1. After I pulled my calf muscle, I immediately came to your facilities to ask for your assistance. You took the time to ask me in detail what kind of pain I had. I was amazed that you had the ability to locate the cause of my distress just under my knee. With your care and instruction, I feel comforted that I will have the abilities to correct the situation in time to accomplish my goal.”

-Stephen Pate