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Man Putting an Icepack on his BackChiropractic Physiotherapy is the therapeutic application of agents to induce a physiological response in the body. It enhances or supports the chiropractic adjustment in an effort to normalize the body’s natural processes and to halt and reverse tissue disease.

Forms of Physiotherapies offered in our office:

  • Ice packs (Cryotherapy) are great for swelling, reduces hyperemia. (vasoconstriction) Ice packs are perfect for relief after an injury.
  • Hot packs (Diathermy) increase membrane permeability (vasodilation) and helps to relaxe muscle tissue.
  • Ultrasound has a dispersing effect for fluids, micro-massages tissue and increases membrane permeability.
  • Electrostimulation increases circulation and stimulates nerves. Depending on the frequency, EMS can maintain ligament and muscle tone, offer pain relief, reduce muscle spasm, or exercise and fatigue muscles.
  • Motorized alternating traction loosens adhesions and maintains ligament and muscle tone.